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Digitakt / Digitone / AnalogHeat Rack Converter

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Massively useful solution for holding two units together in universal 19" rack formation. Mix and match between Digitakt, Digitone or AnalogHeat! Included are eight stainless steel screws to hold the machine to it's backplate, and four sets of rack screws for holding the backplate to your rack. Note: the units themselves take up 4U of rack space but you'll need at least 1U above for cables (use right-angled cables to save space). 

• Please note - due to Elektron's random feet positions, the rubber feet on the rear of your unit may need to be repositioned to accommodate the backplate of this stand. But don't worry, they easily peel off and stick on again! 

• Also - the plastic protective covers do not fit when used with this product. The unit's need to be very close together in order to fit in a 19" rack.