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Digitakt / AnalogHeat Double Stand

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Ultra-groovy double stand for your Digitakt and AnalogHeat. As with our other stands, they come in 20º or 45º angles to suit your music making style. Tough rubber feet add extra stability and keep the stand planted to your worktop while you get crazy with the rhythmical flow of those pumping techno throbs. Included are eight stainless steel screws to hold the machines to their backplate, and four sets of rack screws for holding the backplate to the uprights.

• Please note - due to Elektron's random feet positions, the rubber feet on the rear of your unit may need to be repositioned to accommodate the backplate of this stand. But don't worry, they easily peel off and stick on again! 

• Also - the plastic protective covers do not fit when used with this product because the units sit very close together.