Digitakt / Digitone / AnalogHeat 2-Tier Stand

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By popular request, we now offer a beautiful 2-tier stand for your smaller Elektron machines. As with our other stands, the boxes are positioned at the perfect ergonomic angle for leisurely music making for hours on end. This stand matches our other 2-tier stand exactly and they look great side-by-side.  Included are 8 stainless steel screws to hold the machine to it's backplate, and 8 sets of rack screws for holding the backplates to the uprights.

• Standard Edge features a 2mm protective lip along the sides of your machine. 

• Low Profile has a shallow edge for use with the plastic protective lid. 

• Please note, the AnalogHeat is only suitable for the topmost position in this stand due to rear panel jack access.

Compatible with: Digitakt, Digitone and AnalogHeat MKI & MKII